The “Auberge de l’Ancienne Gare”, can be a leg or the start of visits in well-known spots of Alsatian tourism.

Colmar, set in the Wine Road, native town of the sculptor BARTHOLDI (which made the Statues of Liberty), Colmar also have the famous UNTERLINDEN Museum, which is the second French museum by the number of visitors, after the Louvre.

The numerous castles which are on “the Vignoble” hills.
The villages with their wonderful flowered half-timbering houses.

The White Lake , famous ski resort, where you can find sled dogs races and other FIS (Ski International Federation) or snowboard competitions.

The Linge pass, setting of a memorable battle during the First World War, with its trenches and its memorial, witnesses that this region was an important stake for the two opponents.

The road of the “Crêtes” offers several views infinite walks, thanks to the Vosgian Club, which has runway lighted the paths.
And of course, Kaysersberg, native town of Doctor Schweitzer, which is set 5 kilometers away from the restaurant.